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WiseHarbor is a global analyst and consulting firm serving companies, industry associations and government clients

Where Wireless and Mobile Come First

Founded in 2006, WiseHarbor has remained focused on the ever-expanding and changing ecosystem in wireless and mobile communications. Networks, devices and silicon chips have accommodated increasing demand from additional users, and a widening array of new resource-hungry services and applications such as video. Industry supply is innovative, investment in intellectual property and infrastructure are extensive. Changes are in form as well as in scale with various new technologies and alternative business models. This has resulted in the rise and fall of many players.

We have made it our business at WiseHarbor to keep up with and anticipate all this change with commercial and technical expertise and analysis in our publicly published work and private consulting engagements. With particular emphasis on facts and figures from deep-seated knowledge and understanding of the wireless and mobile industry sector, we employ expert qualitative and qualitative analysis using proven theories and techniques. We know what information exists and how it can be obtained. We use this reliably and persuasively in the context of industry dynamics and in response to our clients’ needs.

WiseHarbor combines industry-vertical knowledge with broader expertise. Skills span industry analysis and patent licensing. WiseHarbor also couples sector knowledge with financial and economic analysis to derive valuations or estimate litigation damages.
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