WiseHarbor provides expert analysis and opinions in the global wireless and mobile communications industry

Expert Advice, Advocacy and Testimony

WiseHarbor concentrates on the technologies, markets and businesses of various industry participants, many of whom are also its clients.

We publish research on a wide variety of commercial, technical and regulatory matters. WiseHarbor applies its skills in market and competitive analysis, in advocacy and expert testimony. We have a wide variety of clients in the wireless and mobile communications sector including those that sell products and services or license technologies. We are also engaged by industry associations and financial investors.

While WiseHabor’s focus is industry specific, our scope of technologies, commercial offerings and issues analyzed is broad and expanding in line with industry developments. Our knowledge encompasses towers, masts and micro sites, radio and core network equipment, devices, chips and software. The industry’s services and applications have diversified from voice and messaging to include rich multimedia with video, mobile commerce, automotive and the internet of things (IoT). Our expertise has expanded accordingly and also includes analysis on innovation, competition and technology licensing.

Expertise Includes:

Business modeling and valuations

Competitive analysis

Due diligence

Market research

Regulation and licensing


Antitrust investigations

Testifying expert witness testimony

Intellectual property

Public speaking

Industry Specialties Include:

Next generation communications including 4G LTE, 5G, 6G and IoT technologies

Mobile network infrastructure including cellular towers, masts, small cells, fiber and microwave transport

Mobile network operator services

Semiconductor chips and electronic components

Connected devices including smartphones and telecommunications modules

Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) royalties for Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

WiseHarbor’s leading analyst, Keith Mallinson, has published telecommunications research for 25 years. Our clients are market leaders and others providing physical infrastructure, operator services, networks, devices, chips, software and licensing technologies, as well as industry associations and financial investors.
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